What is Iris scanning? How it is different from fingerprint scanning?

We, human beings, have 3 things which are unique in each and every individual. They are fingerprints, DNA and iris pattern. Most of you must know about fingerprints and DNA scanning as they are widely used now-a-days. But do you ever thought how iris in our eyes helps to get us authenticated?

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Fingerprints scanner is commonly used. They are used in biometric identification and now-a-days they are used almost everywhere. DNA is used in forensic sciences. They are not used everywhere as they are a bit complicated.

The third option, iris scanning, can be used in normal day to day products along with fingerprint scanning. Fingerprint scanning technology is quite simple and old and that’s why they are used till today. Iris scanning is not used commonly. They are used in selected places. But, iris scanning is more secure, faster and efficient than fingerprint scanning. So, we can expect iris scanning in place of fingerprint scanning in future.

Now the question arises, what is iris scanning? The circular pattern in our eyes is known as iris. The details in the iris are different in different individual. It is same in an individual until his death. Its principle is more of less same as fingerprint scanner- Scanning for the 1st time and then compares it with subsequent result.

Fingerprint scanner scans 40-45 points which a scanner identifies in a scan. But in iris scanner, the scanner scans 240-250 points in a scan. So, it scans 4-5 times more to ensures whether each and every point is matched. So accuracy is more in iris scanner.

Iris scanner has one infrared camera and a normal camera. Together they take one high resolution picture of the iris. Then it collects the important data which is unique. After that they assemble each and every point and generate an iris code with encryption.

So, when the iris scanning is done for the 2nd time. The scanner does the same process and generates another iris code and starts matching it with the database. If it matches, then the iris scanner granted permission to the user.

Using of iris scanning is more profitable than fingerprint scanning. Fingerprints may get distorted or scratched as they are in the outer covering of our skin. So, we don’t get accurate result always. Second thing is that it works with physical touch with the scanner. So it may bypass easily but in iris scanning, iris is covered with cornea, so chances of bypass is negligible.  So, they can be used more.

Iris scanning is used in many places like in Aadhar (India’s unique ID), for secruity of countries like UAE, in high range smartphones like Samsung galaxy S8, S8+, etc.

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