Hoverbike- The future of bike riding

Most of us ride the motorbike. But do you know, soon you will able to fly with your motorbike?

Welcome to Engineering Master. In this article, we will explain the concept of flying motorbike or hoverbike…

I know you might have been surprised after reading the topic, but what you have read will be a real thing in the future. The hoverbike is the future of bike riding.

Hoverbike flies because it throws air down. The horizontal blades take air above the bike and push it down. Since the blades are pushing air down, the air pushes back on the bike. When the magnitude of force from the air becomes same as gravitational force on the bike, it will start lifting up and the bike stay stationary in the air.

Hover surf, a Russian tech company, developed an advanced prototype of a flying motorbike, named Hover Bike S3 (Scorpion 3). This bike, costs around 60,000 US dollars, is available for pre-orders (According to Hover surf website). This single seated bike relies on 4 propellers to stay in the air. It is capable to fly with a speed of 70 kmph and carry up to 600 lbs (272 kg). The travel time is around 20 minutes. It is set to touch the sky by 2019.

Recently, Dubai police tested the hoverbike Scorpion 3. According to them, it can be used for responding to emergency situations.

3 Replies to “Hoverbike- The future of bike riding”

  1. We came to know about many new facts.interesting topic chosen which is quite innovative and well written.keep up the good work.Best wishes for your future endeavours.Vatsala Sudhanshu

  2. It’s really great to see hoverbike .
    Even our Ex- President APJ Abdul Kalam was genesis of Hovercraft .
    The principle remains the same, but surely hoverbike is a great step to make it to reach it to public with Dubai Police


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