Biofuel at the doorstep of the aviation industry

As we all know how the emission of the airplane is causing harm to our environment. Airplane emission constitutes 2% of the total carbon fuel emission. Engine makers of aircraft and airline companies are making all kind of efforts, possible to control such emission. Use of biofuel is one such effort to reduce the emission of aircraft. However, there are potential dangers associated with biofuel.

Welcome to Engineering Master. In this article, we will understand the use of biofuel and its impact on the aviation industry.

Aviation biofuel is a type of fuel used in the aircraft where the primary objective is to reduce the carbon footprint. Biofuel was approved for commercial use in 2011 after various technical reviews from aircraft manufacturers and oil companies. Since then, few airlines tested their commercial flights with biofuel.

In India, Spicejet is the first airline company which tested biofuel in the flight from Dehradun to Delhi. The test was conducted in the month of August 2018 with Bombardier Q400 aircraft. The management described the test as successful.

At present, the aviation industry is responsible for 2% of global emissions and it is expected to grow to 3% by 2050. That’s how the greenhouse gas emissions are poised to grow.

Building fuel-efficient aircraft by changing the fuel source is one of the few options for reducing carbon emissions. Solar, electric and hydrogen propelled aircraft are being researched, but they are not feasible in the near future as aviation need high power-to-weight ratio and globally compatible infrastructure.

There are potential dangers associated with biofuel. Biofuel, if stored for a longer period, is more likely to oxidize at a low temperature causing it to gel. Some additives can improve the cold weather tolerance of biofuel, but only by a few degrees. Manufacturers are using a synthetic rubber substitute called Viton because there is no adverse effect on biofuels.

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  1. Very knowledgeable post .We were waiting for it eagerly.Beacause of increasing trend of airline passengers bio fuel can save our environment.great going and increasing read ..good luck … Sudhanshu Vatsala

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