How do self driving car works?

Most of us love driving and especially long distance driving. But driving sometimes may cause headache. At that time most of you think why not the car drives on his own. Whether it is possible?

Welcome to Engineering Master. In this article, we will explain how self-driving cars work and it is practically possible?

A self-driving car (also known as the autonomous car or driverless car) is able to sense its surroundings and navigating without driver’s input. To do this work, each car is usually outfitted with an internal navigation system, a GPS unit, and a range of sensors including radar and rangefinders. The car uses position information from GPS and internal navigation system to localize itself and sensor data to refine its position as well as to make a three-dimensional image of its surroundings.

Many self-driving cars implement a deliberative architecture which means that they are capable of making intelligent decisions. Once the car determines the best path, the decision gets converted into commands which are fed to car’s actuators. Actuators control car’s steering and braking. The process of mapping, path planning, and obstacle avoidance repeated many times until it reaches its destination.

Before making any navigation decision, the car must first build a map of its surrounding and localize itself within the map. Car’s internal map includes the current and predicted location of all static and moving obstacles in its vicinity.

Car manufacturers have attempted a number of times towards making self-driving cars, but it is still not happening due to technological barriers that must be omitted before self-driving cars are safe enough for commercial use.

Many companies like Tesla, Google, Nissan, Uber, Audi are working day and night to chase the self-driving car dream and they are on the last lap of this race. Tesla and Google have announced that they will have self-driving cars by 2018.

Car manufactures think that Self-driving cars may eliminate road accident caused due to human error.

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  1. Good read ..Your each article has something unique in itself which keeps us involved to read more ….Lots of good luck Bhaiya…Vatsala Sudhanshu

  2. I don’t like to drive, though, and self-driving cars are a welcome. However, I am not sure I trust self-driving cars yet, till I have experienced one in action!

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