2017 Year Ending with Indian Blogger Awards

I still remember the day when I started Engineering Master on 28 March 2017. I never thought Engineering Master will be at this stage, where it is today.

Indiblogger (India’s biggest bloggers community) organizes Indian Blogger Awards 2017 for blogs based in India. Here they picked the best blog in 121 categories which include blogs from the different niche (e.g. Science, Engineering, Entertainment etc.), regions and regional languages in India. The awards were judged by the independent jury of renowned names. This year total nomination received by them is close to 5000.

Yesterday, that is 30 December 2017, Winners were announced. And I am happy to share that Engineering Master won the best Engineering Blog award.

You can check out the complete list of winners here. These awards are one of the biggest motivation for bloggers including me.

Your support in the form of comments and feedback encourages me to research for more interesting topics and present them in a very simple way. So, once again, Thanks to all of you because without your support it is not possible.

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